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Dhanwantri Kuff Solve Syrup (Sugar-Free)


Useful In:

  • Providing quick relief from cough
  • Relieving Bronchitis
  • Clearing of Phlegm
  • Cough due to pollution

Recommended Dosage: 5- 10 ml in luke warm water or as directed by physician

Net Contents: 100 ml

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Dhanwantri Kuff Solve Syrup presents a unique solution tailored for individuals with diabetes, offering a sugar-free option for effective cough relief. Enriched with the goodness of Tulsi, this Ayurvedic cough medicine provides comprehensive support. Infused with Tulsi, Vaasa, Madhuyashti, and other potent, time-tested herbal ingredients, the syrup offers rapid relief from acute cough, severe bronchitis, and throat infections that can impact voice quality. Notably, it addresses chest congestion and phlegm blockages, promoting clearer breathing and sinus comfort.

This remarkable formulation not only soothes a range of respiratory concerns triggered by pollution, seasonal shifts, and the common cold but also caters to the needs of diabetic individuals, ensuring their safety and well-being. With its Ayurvedic heritage and diabetes-friendly formulation, Dhanwantri Kuff Solve Syrup stands as a trustworthy choice for those seeking both cough relief and optimal health support, encapsulating the essence of natural healing and modern well-being practices.